We are venture capitalists and investment bankers with entrepreneurial backgrounds and mindsets. We are agile, fast-paced, open-minded and flexible. At the same time, we have deep understanding and appreciation of what it takes in order to build long-standing legacies and thereby exercise prudent financial control, perform careful due diligence, and work together with our partners and clients as a team.
Our Investment Team
Edwin R. Yeh   [more]
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Edwin is the Chairman and CEO of St. John's Capital Group. He is the Fund Manager for Income Opportunity (IOF), USDMF 1, & USDMF 2 Funds.
Jeffrey Yu   [more]
Venture Partner
As a venture partner, Jeffrey develops new business opportunities. He brings with him over 10 years of venture capital and angel investment experience along with 12 years of corporate business development experience.
Stanley Tseng   [more]
Venture Partner
As a venture partner, Stanley Tseng is responsible for helping St. John's with fostering new lender and investor relationship, establishing and maintaining title company and commercial insurance relationship.
Michael Liu   [more]
Venture Associate
As a Venture Associate, Michael assists St. John's Capital with pre-screening of our deal flows, preliminary due diligence, financial analysis and track record presentations.
Yohan Juliardi   [more]
Project Manager
Architecture Engineering by training, Yohan is the Project Manager in the Commercial Division. He focuses on construction management, increasing net income and decreasing property expenses .