ST JOHN’S CAPITAL GROUP is a real estate investment firm based in San Jose, California, that provides our investors access to investment opportunities in undervalued residential and commercial real estate, and distressed mortgages. St. John's Capital is one of the few firms that provides early stage, real estate venture capital to operating companies. We are venture capitalists, real estate investors and investment bankers with entrepreneurial backgrounds and mindsets. We are agile, fast-paced, open-minded and flexible. At the same time, we have a deep understanding and appreciation of how to discover undervalued situations, create sound deal structures, and build long-term value. We exercise prudent financial controls, perform careful due diligence, adhere to strict investment guidelines, and invest with intelligence to create value for our investors.

Value Creation

Leverage Operating Partners for Access & Expertise
• Co-invest with specialists in particular sectors & geographies
• Select our operating partners from across the country based on resource
fulness and innovation, contact network, capital access and on-the-ground
• Uncover and cultivate niche situations with partners, and focus on deals in
evolving and emerging sub-markets.

Diligence & Strict Adherence to Investment Guidelines
• Amassed impressive track record using concept of “Intrinsic Value” &
“Margin of Safety”
• Careful and thorough due diligence, conservative criteria; proceed only if
deal stands up to rigorous screening.

Agility and Flexibility
• Respond quickly to changing conditions,; flex with opportunities.
• Access market broadly; grasp fundamentals & judge deal dynamics
quickly; pick our spots
• Uncover profit opportunities in both up-markets and down-markets.

Latest News  
St. John’s completes its vintage 2008 fund with a positive note
2014-07-10:  St. John’s Capital Group announced it has successfully closed out its professionally managed fund, SJC Income Opportunity Fund, LLC by disposing the last remaining properties, liquidated everything and distributed all proceeds back to fund’s investors. SJC Income Opportunity Fund (known as “IOF”) was formed on Dec 11, 2007 by Mr. Edwin Yeh and founders of St. John’s Capital Group. It raised funds from Silicon Valley Angel Investors and includes a contingent from the Keiretsu Forum, other local Accredited Investors, and Asian Investors. [more]
Edwin Yeh to speak at Chinese Institute of Engineers 2011 Annual Conference
2011-01-22:  Founded in 1917, CIE/USA is one of the oldest and the most prestigious Chinese-American engineering associations in the U.S. Along with Edwin, Jeng Her, Co-Founder, KaloBios Pharmaceuticals, Inc & CEO, Protevo Biotech, Limin Hu, Co-Founder & EVP, Technology and Operation, of Ellie Mae, Inc, Ling Wu, VP, Global Business Development, & GM, Greater China, of Broadvision will speak on the panel to discuss startup related issues and other growing pain related issues.[more]